The Alpaca



The alpaca is an herbivore mammal that belongs 

to the camelid (camelidae) family.


There are two principal breeds of alpaca: 

The Huacaya and Suri. 

The Huacayo is the most 

common in Peru. It has short, spongy, dense 

wool that covers almost all of its body, leaving 

only his face and feet visible. 

The Suri has long, 

thin, silky and very shiny wool.

The alpaca wool is clasified as one of the finest in 

the world, the width of the individual fiber is 

measured between 18 and 22 microns. 

What is Baby Alpaca? 

Alpaca products are generally 

labeled as either 100% Alpaca or Baby Alpaca. 

Baby alpaca, also known as Alpaca Plus, is finer 

wool that is shorn from younger animals, usually 

from the first two years of the animal´s life. 

The wool is softer and more expensive. 

After that the animal continues to produce more mature wool, 

which is used in 100% alpaca products.